Creative Praxis artwork. Hands working on pottery.

Creativity for Climate Resilience

For the second season of Creative Praxis, we focus on the bridges between creativity and sustainability, and the interdisciplinary creative processes that bridge requires. In this first episode, we re-introduce our host Anna Griffith and welcome our Season 2 co-host, Kyla Mitchell-Marquis.

We dive into the importance of creativity, its misconceptions, and how these ideas led to the inception of the Creativity Lab which facilitated interdisciplinarity and across-community creative idea generation. Using the Creativity Lab method, diverse people from UFV and the Fraser Valley community were brought together to tackle real-world problems that focused on sustainability and (re)building for climate resilience. For this season, we brought on some of the participants from the Creativity Lab to share their unique perspectives on the relationship between creativity, interdisciplinarity, and sustainability.